Brighter Future Health, Inc. Parent Integrated Child Therapy

Parent Integrated Child Therapy

Family undergoing therapyParent Integrated Child Therapy is not a specific treatment, but a unique style of therapy adopted by our child specialist, in which the child is the client but the parents remain a crucial piece of the therapy process, partnering with the therapist to plan treatment and remaining involved in the entire therapy process.

Parent Integrated Child Therapy is based off the belief that parents are their child’s greatest influence and asset, and that an involved and cooperative parent can increase the outlook of their child’s treatment and keep progress sustainable even after therapy has concluded.

While still containing normal aspects of both individual and family therapy, treatment may also include parent/therapist brainstorming and planning sessions, consistent consultation and coordination between parent and therapist, building or improving parent/child relationship quality, parenting support and education, role modeling for and training parents in therapeutic techniques that can be used in the home, as well as other parent integrated activities.

Parent Integrated Child Therapy is done with the understanding that every piece of the child’s life and environment may be important to understanding and addressing your child’s unique needs and so services may include coordination with schools or daycares, coordination with physicians, referrals to or coordination with developmental specialists and occasional home visits by the therapist in order to fully understand the child’s environment.

The Parent Integrated Child Therapy model benefits all members involved. The child benefits from parent integration by being able to take advantage of their greatest and most consistent support and by building new and deeper relationships with their parents. The parents benefit by staying knowledgeable and by learning new techniques and strategies to support their child in making sustainable progress. The therapist benefits by being able to take advantage of the parents’ understanding and expertise in their specific child making it easier to assess and tailor treatment to the specific child.

Parent Integrated Child Therapy is ideal for children of all ages when dealing with any kind of behavioral issue, parent/child relationship issues, low self-esteem, trauma, anxiety, depression, suicide or self-harm, and many other childhood concerns.