Brighter Future Health, Inc. Targeted Care Coordination

Targeted Care Coordination

Targeted Care Coordinators assist youth and their family to locate and coordinate services, facilitate, advocate for, and monitor the mental and physical health of the youth. TCCs make sure that the youth’s social, educational, family, and other needs are being met by bringing everyone on the youth’s child and family team (CFT) to the table and ensuring that everyone is working towards a common goal that results in stability and recovery. TCC services are consistent with the YES Practice Model and reflect core Principles of Care.

Other TCC roles:

– Coordinating and facilitating the CFT interdisciplinary team meetings for the purpose of developing an outcome-focused, strengths-based Person-Centered Service Plan (PCSP) in a place of the family’s choosing (home, community, or outpatient clinical setting)

– Serves as a care navigator for the family, making sure the member is linked to services that may be beneficial and contribute to the member’s well-being and help to achieve PCSP goals