Who We Are

History of Brighter Future Health, Inc.

Brighter Future Health was established by two people from very different backgrounds who came together with one common goal: To help individuals find the strength to positively change their lives.

Both of the founders of Brighter Future Health is a successful businessperson who felt the desire to give back to the community by helping others and teaching positive skills to those in need. Even as business owners they found time to work with clients performing Community-Based Rehabilitation and Case Management. Although they all come from differing backgrounds, both had learned the importance of a helping hand to someone in need.

Ryan Jenks is the founding attorney of a Boise law firm. He works with constitutional issues, veterans, and assisting families with their legal needs. Ryan did not receive strong guidance at home as a child, but was assisted by a caring mentor who taught Ryan the value of human compassion. This mentor helped change Ryan’s life, opening up a world of possibilities. Even when his legal duties keep him busy, Ryan feels compelled to “pay it forward” by helping others in the same manner in which he was helped as a youth.

Ryan and has always striven to help individuals within the community to better themselves. In doing this, each of them found the quality of services offered by some agencies to be wanting. Sadly, many times quality of service was sacrificed to the desires of a corporate entity. They felt the focus should always remain squarely on the needs of the client. Joining together they created an agency that puts people first. The goal of this agency was, is, and always will be to help others find their Brighter Future.